Brand : Vegavita

Whole Slow Juicer – Wide Feed Chute Whole Fruit Masticating Juice Low Speed Extractor – Vegavita VSJ

Whole Fruit Heavy Duty Slow Juicer VSJ is an innovative product that uses a
slow-speed masticating technology to efficiently extract the juice from ingredients.

VSJ slow juicer crush the fruits and vegetables till the last drop of juice is extracted. The slow speed juicer VSJ produce less foam compared to their high speed counterparts. This yields good quality and quantity of juice without foam or separation. The slow speed juicer VSJ ability to
protect and retain the nutrients makes the juice last longer (even up to 70 hours) because it keeps the enzyme integrity. The slow speed whole fruit VSJ juicer has many advantages over the faster ones on the market.

Utilizing Low speed squeezing system without heat, grinding or centrifugal force

Yields the maximum of nutrition ,vitamins,antioxidant,taste,color and juice from any fruit,vegetable or soybeans.

Slow Juicing Technology Extract More Juice With Less Oxidation

The 3″ wide feed chute – Juice Fruit and Vegetables Both Hard and Soft

Juice Wheat grass and Leafy Greens – Make Tasty Nut and Soy Milk

Create Delicious, Healthy, 100% Fruit Ice Cream

Simple to Use & Easy to clean.

Quiet, Highly Durable Motor Creates the Most Enjoyable Juicing Experience

Overheated protect system, it stops and restarts when it’s overheated.

FDA GE Ultem Material for auger and strainer.

Rotating speed: 80RPM

110-120V/240W/50Hz-60Hz – North America AC/DC Outlet Only


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