Price : $25.99
Brand : Westmark

Westmark Germany “Kitchen Witch” Europe’s Best Rated All-in-1 and One of a Kind Manual Food Processor Does All You can Imagine To Help Preapare All Types of Foods Veggies Fruits and More Can Grate Shred Whip Juice and Chop to Easily Prepare All Your Choice Foods

HIGHEST QUALITY WITH TREND AND TRADITION Westmark of Germany is well known for its quality craftsmanship of kitchen gadgets. Westmark has been making reliable kitchen products for over 50 years. As a specialized and reliable partner Westmark offers a wide range of practical and uncomplicated kitchen products designed to make cooking and life in the kitchen easier. For traditional reasons, Westmark produces most of their products in Elspe, Germany. There, a team of long-year employees with a lot of experience in the plastic and metal production arranges that a huge quantity of reliable products is provided for sale every day. For kitchen products you can rely on, choose Westmark. This Kitchen Witch by Westmark is the only kitchen tool you will ever need. Throw away your graters, beaters, choppers, zesters, juicers, because this tool has all those in one compact, attractive package. The kitchen witch can juice you citrus; chop, slice, dice you fruits and vegetable; beat your eggs, and so much more.


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