Price : $129.95
Brand : GSI

Vortex Hand-Crank Blender

The Vortex Hand-Crank Blender is the perfect solution to food storage and emergency preparedness problems. Blend, mix, and chop food without any electricity! Anyone who has experienced some kind of emergency or natural disaster knows that electricity can be cut off because of the weather or an accident?and it can stay off for weeks! But with this hand-cranked Vortex Blender, who needs electricity? You can use this hand blender just like the electric blender in your kitchen at home! With an ergonomic handle that adjusts to two speeds, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite dishes whether you’re camping, boating, picnicking, or stuck at home without power. Place the handle in the top position for low speed (which takes care of drink mixes, dehydrated milk, sauces, soups, crepes, salsas, pancake mix, etc.). Or place the handle in the bottom position for high speed to crush ice and make fruit/milkshakes and smoothies!


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