Brand : VonShef

VonShef 150W Slow Masticating Single Auger Juicer Extractor – Yields more Juice & is Easy Clean

VonShef Slow Juicer is a cut above the rest. It extracts more juice, more flavor, more vitamins and minerals, and uses less power too! This is because it is a
juice extractor (also known as a
masticating juicer) and extracts the juice slower and more thoroughly than just grinding the fruit. This means less juice is wasted from the fruit and the extracted pulp is much drier than lower models manage.

Using your VonShef Masticating Juicer you can juice a variety of fruit and vegetables. Perfect for busy parents who want their children to have their five a day; alternatively great for individuals that want to use juicing as part of a nutritional diet and to combat and prevent health issues.

Low Speed Extraction Method – The Juicer extracts instead of grinding, retaining all the nutrients and enzymes for a healthier natural juice

Quiet Operation – Extracts juice quickly & quietly with a higher yield

Two-step safety start system– All parts must be assembled properly and the lid must be securely locked to start juicing.

Multi-Purpose – The VonShef Slow Juice Extractor lets you extract a variety of ingredients including fruits, vegetables, nuts, beans, and leafy veg (like spinach, kale, parsley).

Powerful 150W Motor – The powerful and efficient low speed motor processes high fiber fruits and vegetables effortlessly without overheating

Easy Clean: Simply pour water into the juicer between each recipe to rinse without disassembly during an extended session of up to 30 minutes.

The juicer is also easy to use and move.

Power: 150W
Dimensions: (L)8.5″ x (W)8″ x (H)17″

Speed: 80 RPM

Max. Continuous Use: 30 min.


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