Price : $365.00
Brand : Victorinox

Victorinox 105.049 12000 RPM Bamix-Superbox M150 Hand Mixer, Silver

Bamix has pioneered the way as one of the best multi-purpose and convenient tools for the kitchen. Most commonly found in the kitchens of gourmet chefs and professionals, it is considered the most elite of food processors because of its versatility and strong starting torque. Offering a combination of power and durability, bamix quickly chops, purees, beats, mixes, froths, stirs and emulsifies. It easily can replace other kitchen tools like a food processor, blender, mixer, grinder, and whisk. This super box m150 combination pack offers all of the attachments Bamix has to offer. It includes the silver deluxe m150 unit which operates at 150w and has two speeds. The low speed turns at 9,000 rpms and the high speed at 12,000 rpms. The box includes four removable blades. The completely flat disc is used for aerating or whisking. This blade is used to make whip cream or stiff peaks out of egg whites and should be used at the low speed. The blending blade has holes in the disc and can be used for making aioli or emulsifying your favorite salad dressing. The chopping or multi-purpose blade is used to crush ice, make smoothies or to blend soups. The meat mincing blade has two sharp blades emerging from the center. It is most commonly used to mince meat or blend more fibrous vegetables like asparagus or celery. The package also includes two additional attachments: the SliceSy which is used to chop, slice and grate produce and the wet/dry grinder which can be used to grind spices, coffee or cheese. A 900 ml beaker. A recipe book and table stand for storage round out the set. The Bamix carries a 2 year warranty on parts and 3 years on labor.


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