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VBENLEM Sugar Cane Juicer Ginger Press Juicer Manual 304 Stainless Steel Sugarcane Juicer Sugar Cane Extractor Squeezer for Commercial or Home Use (Item will deliver in two packages)

➤Sugar Cane Ginger Press Juicer Manual


This Juicer is used to squeeze sugar cane as well as ginger, apples, sorghum bar, corn stalk and so on. It is based on a lot of research and introduce the latest technology. The shell and inside rollers are designed to be stainless steel 304 due to pressure requirements. The base is made of cast iron with painting handle wheel. Beautiful appearance, simple to operate and low investment make it a brand new and much useful product of the new millennium. The machine is suitable for urban and rural stores, farms, and other self-employed or small beverage service industries.


The thickness of the rollers is 5mm; made of stainless steel.

Our manual machine is light enough to take anywhere, and it’s easy to operate. It requires no electricity.

Whole canes up to 2 inch diameter cane be juiced, however splitting them makes it easier to operate. The juice filters through the mesh screen into the juicing tray.

Diameter of more than 1.18 inch require to break in half, in order to avoid overloading the pressure stopped pressing.

Before pressing, first cut the root and the head; diameter of more than 30mm require to break in half, in order to avoid overloading the pressure stopped pressing.

After squeezing finished, you should wash the rollers timely, make sure no sticky in juice box and keep it clean.

Technical Parameters

Output: 110LB/H(50KG/H)

Juice extraction rate: (60-80) / 100

The thickness of the rollers: 0.2″ (5mm)

Can Fit up to 2″ Thick Sugar Cane

The Base: Cast Iron with Painting Handle Wheel

Three stainless steel rollers for maximum juice extraction.

Package Content

Sugar Cane Juicer x 1

Faucet x 1

Paring Knife x 1


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