Price : $11.92
Brand : Kitchen Crush

Ultimate Citrus Squeezer – Stainless Steel, Non-toxic – Extract More Juice without the seeds

Stainless Steel Citrus Squeezer

The Best Squeezer Around

100% Heavy Duty Solid Stainless Steel, No Toxic Aluminum!

– Extra Large Size Works with Lemons, Limes and Medium Size Oranges

– Retain ALL of Your Citrus Juice without the Seeds

The Easiest To Use and Least Expensive Way to Juice Citrus

The amazing health benefits of fresh citrus juice are well researched and documented. Now you can reap the benefits and experience for yourself with an easy to use solution that fits right in your kitchen drawer. If you’re looking to spice up your drinks, find a more “tolerable” way to drink water or add more flavor to dips, dressings, sauces and other recipes, then this is for you! This Citrus Squeezer won’t bend like some other low quality stainless steel squeezers and contains NO aluminum. There is a lot of controversy over using aluminum in our cooking and kitchen utensils. The high acidity of citrus juice in contact with Aluminum has the potential to be problematic for our health. Stainless Steel is one the best materials you can use for all your kitchen appliances if available.

Get your Free “Citrus For Good Health” eBook today with your purchase

Full of simple recipes, health tips and benefits to using different citrus fruits!

– Add flavor, boost health and longevity and enjoy all the benefits you’ve been missing out on from fresh squeezed juice

– Learn how easy it is to improve your health with just the simple act of adding fresh lemon juice to your drinks

30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with your product please let us know and we’ll refund your payment.

Buy now and enjoy fresh juice drinks, better taste and better health


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