Brand : Tribest

Tribest Solo Star-II SS-9002 Single-Auger Juice Extractor

Solo Star-II is the new and improved model of the Solo Star line of single-auger juicers. Solo Star-II features improved auger design and advanced filtering technology that has raised the bar for home juicers. It’s the only juicer that features 2nd Generation Dual-Stage Juice Extraction – resulting in unsurpassed efficiency and versatility from a single-auger juicer. That means you get more delicious juice from a wider variety of fruits, vegetables, and grasses than ever before from a single-auger juicer. Plus its gentle low-rpm juicing process delivers even more of the essential nutrition from every last drop of juice. Because the juice is never heated or damaged, you’ll enjoy the fresh, “live” taste and nutrition you could previously expect only from machines costing hundreds more. Professional quality at an affordable price make Solo Star-II the practical low-rpm single-auger juicer.


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