Price : $35.50
Brand : Tribest

Tribest GS025G GreenStar Elite Glass Juice Pitcher

Tribest GS025G GreenStar Elite Glass Juice PitcherJust not enough space in that stock juice container for your needs? Grab an extra one with the Tribest GS025G GreenStar Elite Glass Juice Pitcher. This way you’ll have plenty of room to make extra juice for yourself or to share with your best friends or family. Handle and pouring spoutPerhaps often overlooked until you try to use a container lacking them, the handle and pouring spout featured on this pitcher make it significantly easier to serve your juice. It keeps juice from spilling or splashing and thereby being wasted. The handle makes it much easier to hold and pour comfortably. Glass constructionNo cheap, fragile plastic here – this pitcher is made of a thick and high quality glass. It makes the surface easy to clean so you don’t find yourself scrubbing vigorously once you’re done with your juice. It makes cleanup easier and keeps your pitcher more durable. 32 ouncesIf one pitcher wasn’t enough for you, or your family is starting to take a liking to your delicious juice, then an extra pitcher could be just what you need. With a 32 oz capacity you can get lots of juice, either to store for yourself for later or to share with family or friends.


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