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TECHTONGDA Sugar cane Juicer Press Machine Desktop Electric Sugarcane Sweet Sorghum Juice Extractor Detachable with 4 Rollers 110V

1.Please washing sugarcane to be sure clean and healthy
2.Before switch on power, please check the machine and clean juice room. Unplug the transparency tailgate if it is necessary, unplug the roller for easy cleaning.After cleaning the roller,you can add some cooking oil on the machine to make it smooth.Then assemble all of the parts to the original position properly. When assemble the roller, please note the slot (As shown in the picture)
3.To inspect supply voltage whether tally with this machine,grounding well or not.
4.Close transparency tailgate, assemble juice dish, then switch on power.
5.If the sugarcane stuck when working, please switch off quickly. Then press REVERSAL button to make the stuck sugarcane out.
6.After using, unplug and clean the machine immediately.
Power: 750W
Rotation Speed: 25 r/min
Production: 300-350 kg/h
Roller Number: 4
Material: Stainless Steel
Product Dimensions: check it on picture
Package Content #134028
4 rollers Electric Sugar Cane Juicer Machine*1
Wooden Package*1


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