Price : $87.99
Brand : Switol

Switol Manual Citrus Juicer, Commercial Orange juice Squeezer, 18.5 Inch Height Fruit Presser (Gray)

Our 18.5″ height larger heavy-duty industrial hand operated juicer is perfect for restaurants,grocery stores, bars, fruit shops. It’s also a great christmas gift for family or friends who love to make healthy fresh juice regularly.


★ Quickly and Easily Juicing ★

You can squeeze a glass of juice in 2 minutes. Just cut the fruit in half ,put the flat cut side down on the strainer, and press down the hammer.

★ Lifetime Use ★

Our pomegranate hand press juicer is made of stainless steel and cast iron with rust-proof coating on the surface. With normal usage, the manual orange juice squeezer will last many years.

★ More Delicious Juice ★

Unlike the electric citrus juicer, the juice squeezed out by our lemon squeezer does not have the bitter taste of the citrus peel. The built-in strainer cup filters out all seeds, but also filters out some pulp.

Space Required

Height:18.5″ for storing 28.5″ for operating 

Length: 11.5″ for storing 16.5″ for operating 

Width: 7.25″

Using Instructions

① Clean the manual citrus juicer carefully before first use.

② Check the stainless steel screws. If the screw is loose, tighten it with the attached wrench.

③ The manual orange juice press squeezer is suited to use on stable ground. 

④ Insert the funnel into the handheld citrus press ,then insert the strainer and place a glass under the funnel.

⑤ Cut the fruit in half, put half of fruit on the strainer and slowly move the lever down until you squeeze out all the juice.

⑥ After a long-term use, tighten the screws, and lubricating the shaft and joints with olive oil or any other kind of kitchen oil.

▲ When you pull the handle to crush fruit, you need to hold the back with another hand to keep it from falling over.


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