Price : $1359.00
Brand : Angel

Super Angel Pro Stainless Steel Juicer

2014-2015 NEW UPGRADED VERSION OF MODEL 7500 FOR USE IN U.S. THE MAJOR PARTS INCLUDING MOTOR, SAFETY SENSORS & CONTROL BOARD ARE UPGRADED AND REINFORCED TO COMPLY WITH U.S. ELECTRICAL SPECIFICATIONS FDA APPROVED HIGH QUALITY FOOD GRADE SOLID STAINLESS STEEL TWIN GEARS & STANDARD EXTRACTING HOUSING INCLUDED Anti-jamming system by self-adjusting speed control when overloading Automatic reverse function when jamming Automatic cooling system when overheating inside the juicer Automatic self-controlling motor thermal sensor Newly designed main control board The Super Angel Juicer has all stainless steel gears with no plastic screws. For those seeking the best possible juice from everything, this is our first recommendation. The large juicing gears of the Super Angel Juicer are over 8+3/8 inches long and, unlike others, they have no plastic(screw) parts, being made entirely of high quality FDA approved food grade stainless steel. The precision engineering involved in manufacturing these gears offers the ultimate in breakdown of fruit and vegetable fibers and delivers the best possible nutrient extraction. These gears rotate at a lower speed(82 rpm) than other models, preserving nutrients and producing juices with a longer shelf life. The Twin Gears are solid stainless steel, whereas other brands use a lower strength stainless steel and have plastic screw ends that can break. Free Juice Recipe Book, “Juicing Bible” Free Scrubbing Bristle, “Premium Brush” Free Glass Jar for Juice Collecting, “Pyrex Cup”


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