STEVE YIWU Multifunction Squeeze Juice Soybean Milk Machine/Meat Grinder/ Fruit And Vegetable Juice Extractor(Color Randomly Send)

Product features: Can be arbitrary adjust the thickness
Product description: Adopt stainless steel spiral blade JiYaXing, it is not electricity, also easy to use, easy to operate. Design science, tooth profile are contact friction, long service life, fine grinder, fast and save Labour, easy unpick and wash, it is necessary to the latest medium family kitchen utensils.
Product features: Can beat any meat products, can squeeze fresh juice, soymilk, ginger, garlic, pepper, walnuts, tomato, and various kinds of vegetable salad, fruit salad, etc…………
Method of use:
: 1. Plan to use a head will wave his thread, plugged into the host in the center hole and shaking, clockwise until it is fixed.
2. Installation: the chassis flat on the operating table, the chassis of the backhand drive counterclockwise exactly (note should be placed in the plane)


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