Brand : SKG

SKG 60RPM Whole Slow Juicer – 3″ Inches (75mm) Wide Chute Slow Juicer – 230W AC Motor Masticating Slow Juicer – Low Speed Juicer – Whole Fruit Slow Juicer

3″ inches wide feeding tube can easily accommodate whole produce items
Fresher taste with more nutrients; also greatly reduces preparation and cleanup time.
Low-speed masticating
SKG masticating juicer squeezes, instead of grinding with a fast-rotating blade. Which allows the juice to maintain its pure color, natural taste, vitamins and nutrients.
60 RPM – The secret to the best juicing
The motor rotates at 60rpm – the golden ratio of force and time.
Higher juice yield
Apple 75% yield; Orange 90% yield; Carrot 48% yield.
Tofu Making capability
Enclosed with tofu making tools.
230W heavy-duty AC motor
Less noise and vibration.
Eco-friendly materials
Antioxidative TRITAN Feed Chute; SKG Patented PEI Juicing Screw. Certified by FDA, UL, ETL, GS, CE, ROHS.
Drip-free smart cap and sturdy handle
Easy to combine juices and to rinse between recipes with drip-free smart cap. Sturdy handle is made for easy moving and cleaning of the heavy-weight juicer.
Deluxe style
Sleek Design and Piano Varnish make your kitchen shine.
– Smoothie strainer, Tofu strainer & Tofu cloth
– Cleaning brush
– Free recipe book

1. During assembly and before each use, please make sure that all three red dots (the inner container, the outter container, the upper cover) are lined up, and please also make sure that the feeding chute is locked into the hole of the fountain frame.
2. There is a cover at the residue exit. Please open it when cleaning the juicer and close it when making juice. However, the cover should be kept open when making smoothie.
3. If the juicing screw is blocked, please use the reverse rotation feature to unblock.


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