Price : $299.00
Brand : Living Whole Foods

Samson Advanced 6 in 1 Multipurpose Juicer – Includes Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit – Samson Juice Extractor Machine – Color IVORY

Samson Juicer + Organic Wheatgrass Growing Kit – The Samson GB-9003 Advanced Juicer (Color: Ivory)is basically the same machine as the classic Samson 6 in 1 juicer (GB-9001) with a few upgrades like a better augur and screen. It also has an upgraded look and includes some extras like nozzles, instructional DVD and juice cups. Juices Fruits, Vegetables & Wheatgrass.

Organic Wheatgrass Kit: Perfect for growing grasses even in small kitchens or apartments. Each kit comes with simple easy to follow growing and harvesting instructions that will have you juicing healthy super-nutritious juice within ten days! To insure the highest possible mineral content and grass yield, we have included an organic growing mix and Azomite, a natural mineral additive that insures that your grass contains all of the trace minerals required by the human body for maximum health. Includes: 5 Growing Trays, 5 Lbs Certified Organic Seed, Azomite Trace Mineral Fertilizer, Laminated Growing & Juicing Instructions, 8 Quarts of Certified Organic Soil Mix and the book: Wheatgrass, Sprouts, Microgreens and The Living Food Diet


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