Price : $16.35
Brand : Lemonescent

Premium Quality CitrusTime Lemon Lime Squeezer – By Lemonescent – Stainless Steel with Yellow Silicone Handles – Commercial Grade Metal – Comfort and Durability – Handheld Juice Press

How much is Your time worth?

Do you have five minutes to spend twisting juice out of every lemon and lime in your kitchen? Not to mention the stiff arms and sore hands that come with it.

Lemonescent has the solution – our hand-held Lemon Squeezer!

Ideal for bartenders, chefs, or cooking at home, our simple, elegant design gets the juice in seconds- not minutes. No wasted time, effort, or electricity. It’s easy to use, pain free, and gets the juice where you want it; not on your fingers.

No flimsy plastic or breakable glass here! Made with 100% stainless steel, our lemon squeezer is built to last. Rust-free and dishwasher safe means easy cleanup by machine or by hand.

Unlike motorized or twist extractors, our hand-held juicer has built in filtration. You can squeeze your juice right into your food or drink. No more fishing for seeds or straining pulp! Silicone handles give you a comfortable, firm grip.

Our citrus press is perfect for lemons and limes. Whatever your fruit, we’ve got you covered!

Our compact design fits easily in a kitchen drawer or behind the bar, so it won’t take up space on your countertop.

We got you covered with our 30 day refund and lifetime warranty Steal back Your time and get the juice out of Your Lemons!


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