Brand : Kitchen Frontier

Premium Lemon Squeezer – Quality Steel with Large-Size Bowl – Suitable for Lemons and Limes

#1 Premium Commercial Grade Press – By Kitchen FrontierTM

Want the Ultimate Lemon Squeezer Press?

Made with top quality stainless steel, the Large Size Kitchen Frontier Lemon and Lime Squeezer is designed to make extracting fruit juices a lot faster, easier, and smarter.

What are the Benefits?

• Large Size Bowl – Able to make quick work of any size lemon and lime.

• Premium quality – Heavy duty, stainless steel. No chipping paint. Does not break compared to plastic versions

• Easy, fast, and efficient – Effortless juicing, lets you get every bit of juice from the fruit without straining your hands and allows you to finish faster.

• Easy to clean up – Can be washed by your hands and also dishwasher safe. Easily ready for next use with no sticky residues or odor.

• Excellent for the food or kitchen enthusiasts.

How Is It Different To Other Brands?

• Superior Quality & Solid construction – Very heavy duty and durable. It will literally last for years so is excellent value. It will not break like other brands.

• Ergonomically designed – Effortless squeeze juice without straining your hands.

• Easy to clean – Does not leave difficult to remove residues. Dishwasher safe.

Warranty and Satisfaction

All products are covered by the The Kitchen Frontier Lifetime Warranty. Kitchen Frontier is obsessive about quality and customer service. If you have any questions or issues they will do as much as possible to solve them and make sure you a happy customer.

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