Brand : Omega

Omega VRT402 (Pack4) 220 Volt Vertical Masticating HD Juicer W/Tap – VRT400 (NOT FOR USA USE) 230 volt + Accessory Pack! 4qty Stainless Steel Straws, Recipe eBook, Nut Milk Bag, Citrus Peeler!

Omega VRT402 Vertical HD Heavy Duty Masticating Juicer – Single Auger – Top of the Line!

This model works on 220 volt – 230 volt – 240 volt power – NOT FOR USA USE!

This is the international version of the Popular VRT400 juicer – it is the exact same juicer, it simply runs on a different power voltage.

ACCESSORY PACK INCLUDED! Our “Pack4” includes great tools to add to your kitchen:

4 qty Stainless Steel Drinking Straws – Reusable!

Fine Mesh Nut Milk Bag

eBook “Juicing Start Up Guide” by Wilbur Trump is a best selling starter guide on Amazon- over 100+ recipes

CITRUS PEELER – for oranges, lemons and limes

4qty Stainless Steel Drinking Straws – Reusable, Dishwasher Safe, Elegant and fun – Straw Cleaning brush included too!

NUT MILK BAG has many handy uses around the kitchen – Great for straining pulp from fresh juices, Making homemade nut milks, Sprouting Seeds, or use as a mesh top for an open ferment on Kombucha and Pickles!

eBOOK “Juicing Start Up Guide” with over 100+ recipes, Tips on Juice Fasting, Aiding common ailments, juice nutritional facts & More. – CITRUS PEELER – included with pack makes easy work of peeling oranges, lemons, and limes before dropping them in your new juicer – simply score the fruit with the peeler and the peel comes right off with no mess

Make it easy to make healthy eating a priority every day with the Omega Vert 402 HD Juicer in Silver. This fantastic juicer allows you to create delicious, fresh squeezed juices right in your own kitchen! This powerful juicer operates at 80 rpm to process fruits & vegetables slowly, so your juice doesn’t oxidize as quickly.retaining its vital phytonutrients.Vert 402 HD makes it easy to juice wheatgrass and leafy greens at a high yield, yet can still process other fruits and vegetables efficiently too. Measures 15.5″ h x 7″ w x 8.5″ d.


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