Brand : Omega Juicers

Omega VRT350 220 Volt + eBook “Juicing Start Up Guide” 220V Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Juicer – Single Auger Low Speed Juicer

Package Includes Omega VRT350HD 220Volt juicer + eBook “Juicing Star Up Guide” has over 100 recipes, info, tips on juice feasting, curing ailments + more!
220Volt power operation. Omega VRT 350 HD vertical masticating juicer- single auger. the best juicer on the market.The VRT350 Vertical Juicer is one of the Easiest Juicers to Use and Clean! That’s why it is our TOP SELLER! We LOVE this juicer! But don’t just take our word for it- watch our videos below that demonstrate how easy it to use – and how easy it is to clean! A juicer that is easy to use and clean gets USED! a juicer that is hard to use gets put in the cupboard and collects dust- That is why we recommend the VRT series to anyone who is looking to add juicing to their daily lifestyle.
Compared to other masticating juicers, even the Omega 8000 series, the VERT comes in first with ease of use! Other juicers require the user to force the produce into the machine with a tamper stick. The user does most of the work! especially with hard veggies like carrots and beets, you can be pushing and jamming all days to get the produce through the machine. BUT NOT THE VRT! the Vert juicer does all the work – you simply drop pieces of produce into the machine and it eats it right up. No pushing, no forcing, no straining. EASY! If you are wanting to juice on a daily basis, this ease of use is HUGE! It gets to be a pain in the you know what having to fight your juicer every day. this leads to people being unmotivated to juice.. and eventually the juicer goes in the cupboard. We like juicers that GET USED!

The VRT saves you time! You can juice the same amount of produce in less time, since you need to prep less, chop less, and there is no force feeding the juicer- We can all afford to save some time, right? The VRT has a larger feed chute than other masticating juicers, this means less prep work, no need to cut carrots in half lengthwise like you do with other juicers. just snap them in half with your hands a drop them in!


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