Price : $149.95
Brand : Omega Juicers

Omega 4000 Pulp Ejecting Stainless Steel Centrifigal Juicer

Consumer Description (Long) – Omega’s Model 4000 Pulp Ejector Juicer provides for continuous high-capacity juicing. Styled and engineered with Omega’s knowledge of centrifugal juicers, the Omega Model 4000 rivals their efficiency and ease of cleaning while outperforming other pulp ejector juicers. The outstanding 15 Year Warranty guarantees you’ve purchased “the last juicer you will ever need to own.” *Continuous Juicing with Automatic Pulp Ejection – Juicing is continuous as the pulp is conveniently ejected into a pulp container at the back of the unit. *Warranty – The Omega 4000 carries a 15 Year Warranty – the longest in the Industry. *Motor – The 5200 RPM permanent magnet motor is the most efficient motor you will find in any juicer. *Surgical Stainless Steel – The stainless steel parts are comprised of heavy gauge surgical stainless steel. All of the stainless steel parts are either polished or sandblasted for an easy to maintain, attractive finish. *Basket – Omega has found the perfect speed (RPMs), mesh size, and basket dimensions (angle, diameter, and clearance) to give you the maximum amount of juice from your juicer.


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