Brand : OliaDesign®

OliaDesign® Large Stainless Steel Lemon and Lime Squeezer. Hand Juicers for Lemonade, Cocktails, Frozen Juices, Baking

Make sure you get every last drop of juice out of every piece of fruit. Inferior traditional lemon squeezers make it hard to get all the juice out, and you also get pulp, seeds and fruit in your juice. Look at the images again. See how the cleverly designed container has perfectly sized holes, so that the juice gets through and nothing else! Make delicious lemonade, limonade, cocktails, and fabulous desserts. Just squeeze the lemon directly into your drink or your baking. No need for an electric machine which is hard to clean. Unlike wooden handheld pressers, the stainless steel construction is durable, long-lasting, and will not discolor with age. Lifetime manufacturer warranty on this citrus fruit juice presser.


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