Price : $14.99
Brand : Masthome

Manual Food Chopper with 3 Blades Pull String Food Chopper Blender Processor for Vegetables Onion Fruit Nuts Herbs Salad (870ml)

WIDELY USED: Our food/garlic/onion chopper is able to chop fruits/vegetables/onions/garlics/herbs/nuts/ for salsa/salad/ puree/pesto/coleslaw/meal prep.
Lightweight and portable, ergonomic design
Non-slip base makes it safer
Locking mechanism to prevent spills and messes
No electricity required, use it in the backyard or take it camping
Tough, crack resistant ABS plastic
Sturdy stainless steel blades will remain sharp for a long time

Step1: Put the manual food chopper’s blade holder in the bowl. Connect it with the core firmly.
Step2: Put the prepared vegetables into the bowl.Do NOT put the whole vegetable directly into the chopper.Please cut it apart into large pieces before chopping.
Step3: Cover the bowl with the lid. Connect the spindle on the lid with the hole of the blade holder. Lock the lid to the bowl with Snap-on design.
Step4: Fasten the bowl with a hand and pull the ring back and forward.
1.Please do NOT pull the ring too violently. We recommend a same frequency and a soft power.
2.You can mix different vegetables in the bowl and chop them together.
3.The green oval on the lid is just for decoration. It does not have any function for the hand held vegetable chopper.
A 4-cup capacity bowl
Lid with a pulling string
3 stainless steel blades cutting rotator
2 spirailing blades
Mixer blade for mixing/blending ingredients
1 cleaning brush


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