Price : $14.13
Brand : Lime Bomber

Lime Bomber – Squeezes Limes Into The Bottle

A 12-pack of Corona, some fresh lime wedges, and a close group of friends. Sounds pretty good right? Make it even better with the King of Corona Accessories – the Lime Bomber! The Lime Bomber eliminates the messy, sticky, germ-ridden annoyance of forcing your lime into an ice-cold bottle using your indelicate fingers. Simply place a lime wedge in the neck of your bottle, push down on the Lime Bomber to plunge the citrus deep into the heart of your frosty beverage, and enjoy the resultant refreshingness! It’s that easy! Why bother with the sticky hassle of loading your Corona limes with your fingers? Get the Lime Bomber today and you’ll wonder how you ever drank without it! In stock and ready to ship. Features: Simple 2-piece construction with a “loader” that sits on top of a bottle and a “plunger” to push down on. Ideal for adding a lime in a cold Corona or Sol, an orange in a Blue Moon, or a lemon in your water or soda. More sanitary than using your hands. Great for parties, tailgating, picnics, restaurants, and busy bars.


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