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Lemon Lime Orange Citrus Juicer – Best Manual Squeezer Available! Recipe Ebook Included – Comfortable Blue Silicone Handle Press, Made From Strong Stainless Steel – Buy Yours Now!

Efficient and Dependable Juicer – No Muss, No Fuss!

Other Juicers:

• Creates sticky mess on tables or kitchen countertops as the juice is spilled sideways or a few drops escape through handles

• Plastic and aluminum models are susceptible to breakage or cracks.

• Larger citrus fruits can’t be juiced due inadequate size of bowls.

• Your wrists hurt during the “squeezing” motion and slip quite often.

Kutworks Citrus Juicer

• Clean surfaces – juice drops aren’t allowed to seep through, thereby putting a stop to gooey messes.

• Made with 304 stainless steel – sturdy and durable so it won’t break or split, and inhibits rust too.

• Large-sized nesting bowls so bigger oranges, lemons, and limes can be fitted into them for juicing.

• Silicone handle absorbs pressure so there is no discomfort or pain while squeezing.

• Convenient and imparts a firm grip, thus preventing slippage.

• Extracts every last remaining drop!

Additional Benefits When YOU Choose Kutworks

• A recipe
EBOOK is included free of cost.

• 100% safe for use as it is made using FDA approved materials

• Easy to clean and dishwasher friendly

• Not satisfied? We turn you back into our happy customer, 24/7 Support. No risk money back guarantee!

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“A Kut Above the Rest”

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