Price : $639.99
Brand : KUPPET

KUPPET 120W Commercial Orange Juicer Auto Feed Orange Juicer Squeezer-Orange Juice Machine Squeeze 20-22 Oranges Per Mins-Stainless Steel Silver

Get ready for preparing the original and tasty orange juice with the highest quality juicer. It is made of stainless steel with transparent plastic cover, plus food-grade plastic parts (convex ball & concave ball) and remaining collector. The structure is well organized and rational, and the juicer is anti-corrosion and easy to clean. Also, the operation is quite simple and convenient, you can produce fresh and delicious juice in a few seconds that is an ideal machine to make juice where widely used in entertainments, restaurants and hotels.

*Compact design, safe & health and reliable high quality
*The highest quality commercial components
*Made of stainless steel shell & transparent plastic cover, food grade plastic parts and remaining collector
*Produce fresh and delicious juice in a few seconds
*No antiseptic, coloring matter, essence and water residue in the fresh juice
*Easy to operate and clean
*Widely used in groggery, restaurant, hotels, supermarkets, shopping mall, fruit shops, schools and canteens.

Package Content:
1 x Electric Orange Juicer Squeezer
Material: Stainless steel + Plastic
Power Supply: 110V 60Hz
Power: 120W
Size of Orange: 1.58″-3.15″
Output: 20 Orange/minute
Product Size:L17.7*W13.19*H30.71 inches
Net Weight:82.23lbs


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