Price : $49.99
Brand : NutriChef

Kitchen Counter top Food Processor Chopper Slicer Ice Chopper, High Power, Stainless Steal,1000 Watt

The NutriChef Food Processor will speed up food preparation time and help create tasty dishes. This high-powered counter food processor does it all – slices, shreds, mixes, chops, purees and more! Prepare meals in a fraction of the time thanks to the system’s versatile functionality.  Adjustable speed settings allow you to go from low to high speeds, and whip up anything from chopped vegetables, to mixing cake batter, to whipping-up creamy purees and sauces.  The system also features a switch activated ‘pulse’ mode that helps you achieve the desired food consistency every time!  Simply feed your ingredients through the wide-mouth food insertion feeder tube and turn it on to begin food creation in your kitchen. Turn food prep into a simple process with the NutriChef Food Processor.


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