Price : $125.87
Brand : Kai

Kai Multi Blender (DK5033) | AC100V 50/60Hz (Japan Model)

This product is made for Japan Market. It may require power transformer and / or plug adaptor for use in foreign countries.

One 6 role multi-hand blender
Attachment also various.
Crush the fish and meat raw, chop.
I mix fruits and vegetables mashed.
To make juice and stir the fruit and vegetables.
I mix the material that is thickened.
I beat the cream and egg white.
I break the dried product such as tea leaves and dried sardine.
Rated voltage: 100V
Rated Power: 120W
Rated frequency: 50/60Hz
Speed: 17,000 HI-rotation per minute, 12,000 LO-rotation per minute
5 minutes: The aim of the continuous use time
Cord length: about 1.7m
Accessories: 6 type attachment, guard cover, brush, cleaner, collection of recipes
Warranty: 3 years


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