Brand : Ivation

Ivation Stainless Steel Manual Handheld Lemon & Lime Squeezer & Citrus Juicer

When life gives you lemons, use our squeezer.
Lemons, limes, oranges and other citruses are among the most commonly juiced fruits. To make the job a little less messy and a lot more rewarding, we are proud to present to you our manual handheld lemon squeezer. It is precision-crafted from 100% premium stainless steel for years of worriless use in the happy home. The material also makes this squeezer an attractive utensil in any kitchen. In addition, the solid two-piece design leaves nothing to break, lends significant structural integrity, and yet doesn’t add any bulk or weight.

Stop squeezing hard. Start squeezing smart.
Why exert all that energy on pulling the juice out of a lemon? No you can forget about twisting and turning halved fruits atop a domed cup, and instead choose the Ivation squeezer that does away with most of the effort. It works by utilizing a hinged design to leverage your natural gripping action. As you gently press the two handles together – as simply as making a fist – the squeezer’s convex portion effortlessly pushes through the fruit’s flesh. The juice is immediately separated, and runs out the sifter pattern on bottom.

Keep your hands and your squeezer clean.
To reduce juice splatter, flyaway seeds and fragmented fruit rinds from running around your kitchen, the squeezer’s upper portion features a curved rim that comes to rest on the bottom portion. This neatly traps everything inside the squeezer for easy removal once the squeezing action is done. The fruit halve also remains stuck on the domed cap, which makes for easy removal and discarding. Thankfully, the stainless steel material is non-stick and thus so much easier to clean. In addition, the squeezer is dishwasher-safe.


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