Brand : Hurom

Hurom HRM0060 Dual Stage Slow Squeezing Cold Press Mastication Juicer – Snow White

Easy-to-use and clean Fresh Press Juicer cold-presses food to provide more juice, nutrients, and enzymes than other juicers.
What is a Fresh Press Juicer?
The Fresh Press Juicer provides the nutrients your body needs by using the patented Slow Squeezing System to extract vitamins, minerals, and essential enzymes from your fruits and vegetables. The Fresh Press Juicer squeezes and presses to extract juice without damaging the cellular structure of the food. Using this system, not only is there more juice extracted with a greater number of nutrients, your juice will taste better as well. Use your Fresh Press Juicer for sauces, marinades, even baby food; the ultra-dry pulp can be used in a wide variety of cooking and baking recipes.


More juice, vitamins, and enzymes than other juicers
Cold presses juice without damaging food
Makes juices, milks, sauces, marinades, even baby food
Ultra-dry pulp can be used in a wide variety of recipes
More juice, due to patented squeezing system
Easy to clean and practically silent (30 dB)
Compact and energy-efficient (150 Watts)


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