Price : $14.99
Brand : HeadLimes

HeadLimes Clip-On Citrus Squeezer, Adds Lime or Lemon Directly to a Drink- a Fun Novelty Party Gift, Handheld Juicer or Bar Accessory, 8-pack (Lime Edition)

GREEN LIME EDITION HEADLIMES that Juices Lemons or Limes Directly into your Drink: Clipped to the actual drink, HeadLimes are simply a better way to lime juice directly into your drink or beverage. HeadLimes are unique because, unlike most citrus juicers or lime presser, they clip to the rim of most glasses, the neck of most beers and even on the tab of beer cans – so you can serve drinks with lime or lemon wedges ready to be squeezed. Turn a standard drink into something so much more FUN! A beer (like a Corona) or cocktail delivered with a HeadLime is just more interesting, fun and memorable.

USE HEADLIMES ANY TIME YOU SERVE A DRINK: Use these lime / lime squeezers at parties, dinners, bars, restaurants, tailgating events and more. They make a great bar party and event accessories.

THREE EDITIONS TO CHOOSE FROM: Choose from Gator, Lime and Football Editions with more editions coming soon!

Guidelines for best results: Place a medium lime wedge in the jaws of the HeadLime with the flesh pointing inward. Next, pinch the jaws and notice the juice funneling down the tube and into the beverage. To get the most juice from the wedge, adjust the lime wedge and give it another pinch. Use the HeadLime to mix your drink (if used in a cocktail) or simply remove and enjoy.

Note on HeadLimes Hinge: The HeadLime jaw is designed to open to about 70 degrees limited by a carefully engineered clasp and hook. If you force the HeadLime jaw open beyond 70 degrees, the hook and clasp will separate. Don’t worry… simply close the HeadLime, guiding the hook and clasp to reconnect.

Made from food-safe, durable polypropylene, HeadLimes are intended to be washed and reused.


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