Price : $479.00
Brand : Samson

Green Power Juicer – KPE 1304

The Green Power KP-E 1304 Twin Gear Juicer provides a great way to improve your diet and nutrition, by allowing you to make your own fresh juices, right at home. With patented twin gear and new bio-ceramic and magnetic technology, it naturally prolongs the storage time and freshness by ionizing your juice. Rather than juicing two, sometimes three times per day like other conventional juicers, you can prepare your juice once in the morning and store it for up to 72 hours! The Green Powers unique horizontal twin gears are so versatile allowing you to juice leafy greens and herbs, fibrous plants and grasses, and tough, stringy vegetables and even sprouts. Fruits and vegetables are thoroughly crushed, rather than cut or shred into small pieces, as other juicers do. Other older twin gear juicers are notorious for frequently clogging when juicing fruits like strawberries, kiwis, or watermelon. With the Green Power Juicer, you don’t have to worry. It will juice continuously, without clogging.

With a large feeding shoot and superior cutting gears, it’s the right choice for those who want less preparation and easy feeding. Using the multi-purpose kit, a variety of pastas can be made. Multi-purpose functions also include grinding coffee, grains, seeds and nuts.

The Green Power Juicer is designed for life. If an unusually hard substance accidentally enters the gears, the reverse rotation override immediately stops the motor before any damage occurs. Additionally, Green Power’s precision balanced ΒΌ horsepower 160RPM motor generates very little noise or vibration compared to other juicers. We are confident that your Green Power Juicer will bring you a lifetime of trouble free, noise free, enjoyable juicing.

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