Brand : Gourmia

Gourmia GCJ200 Ultimate Slice & Squeeze Electric Dual Power Fruit Citrus Juicer Extractor

The Gourmia Ultimate Slice & Squeeze Citrus Juicer offers peak performance in pure juice extraction. It allows you to make morning OJ, afternoon grapefruit juice or maybe a little lime juice for cocktail mixers in minutes.

The double-headed electric citrus juicer delivers more of what you love faster. Chunky things in your juice are the pits, so this juice filters them out leaving behind pure liquid joy.

It features twin cones that is suitable for most varieties of citrus fruits and makes it easy to combine juices to create your own custom blends.,

With the Gourmia Ultimate Slice & Squeeze Citrus Juicer you can whip up healthy juice-bar specialties with this ultra-efficient machine, featuring technology that extracts the maximum juice from fruits while maintaining maximum nutrients.

The device remains clean thanks to the protective Drip-free cover at the top. Apart from this, there are clear measurement indicators on this juicer to inform you of the current juice level. With 90 Watts of juicer power, this compact juicer provides enough power for your requirements. You’ll find it a breeze to maintain this Gourmia Ultimate Slice & Squeeze Citrus Juicer as it disassembles easily.


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