Price : $99.99
Brand : Green Electronics LLC

Gourmet SELF-CLEANING Automatic Soy Milk Maker and Juicer

Gourmet brand soy milk maker was first introduced in North America in 2004, and is one of the most widely known soy milk makers. Gourmet Self-Cleaning Automatic Soy Milk Maker BT2018 is the newest model in the North America. This machine is very easy to use. All you need to do is to add bean and rice, select a program, press start, and wait for 15 minutes to enjoy the cooked milk. Home-made milks are hot, fresh, preservative-free, and very cheap (20 cents of bean to make $3-5 organic milks from store). This soy milk maker uses a self cleaning function. After making a batch of milk, just add water to the container, put the machine head back to the container, select Self-Cleaning function, and press Start. The machine will start a self-cleaning cycle. This machine makes milks from soaked beans as well as dry beans. It makes bean paste and rice paste. It makes rice porridge and rice congee. It cooks and stews soups. Finally, this machine also makes fresh juice from vegetables and fruit (i.e., orange, apple, peach, and strawberry).


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