Brand : Gourmet Grade

Gourmet Grade GR1100N 14-Cup Food Processor, Ultra Quiet Powerful Heavy Duty Motor

Ultra-Quiet, 1400W “DynamicDrive” Motor Delivers Up To 1400 Watts of Power For Faster, Better & More Consistent Results Massive 14 Cup Bowl with EasyLock Lid & Ultra-Wide FastFeed Tube. Includes Precision Milled Stainless Steel Blades/Disks for Shredding & Slicing+ Juicer Attachment Also Includes The Ultimate Kugel Blade- A Whole New Kind Of Blade For a Whole New Caliber Of Kugel Includes Fine Shredder/Thin Slicer Disk, French Fry Disk, Citrus Juicer, S-Shaped Slicer, The Ultimate Kugel Blade.


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