Price : $2390.00
Brand : Frucosol

Frucosol F-Compact Automatic Orange Juicer

The F-Compact is the newest and most compact model in the line of automatic orange juicers by Frucosol. This unit is smaller and more compact than the F50 or F50a, but retains the same high quality standards for which Frucosol is well known. The F-Compact combines versatility, functionality and a design that makes it useable in almost any business. Features – Automatically Cut & Squeeze 10-12 fruits per minute Fruit size limitation – Diameters up to 2.75 inches Feeder Capacity is 3 fruits Gentle squeezing and minimal manipulation of the fruits Advanced juicing process reduces bitterness making sweeter tasting juice Quality Construction includes attractive stainless steel housing Simple design with only a few moving parts in a compact machine Automatic shut-off sensors The front opening allows easy viewing of the squeezing process Easiest to clean automatic juicer on the market The only regular maintenance is daily cleaning – Parts are top-rack dishwasher safe


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