Brand : Frigidaire Professional

Frigidaire Professional Stainless 10 inch 9 Speed Immersion Hand Blender/Mixer with Attachments, 200 Watt

Tri-blade Professional Veloute Knife with Vortex Power. Whether you are blending soups or pureeing fruit and vegetables, the tri-blade professional Veloute knife ensures superior vortex power for an even-blending performance every time. Designed to reach the bottom of large mixing bowls, the extra-long 10 inch mixing wand allows for a smooth no-hassle blending experience. With ease of use and versatility in mind, the premium Dual-whisk attachment snaps on quickly transforming your immersion blender in a professional-powered hand mixer in an instant. High Performance made simple -easily adjust to the speed of your choice as your thumb glides through a full range of speeds from low to high. The LED display allows you to easily see your indicated speed at a glance.


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