Price : $25.99
Brand : Fresh Menu Kitchen

Fresh Menu Kitchen Premium Quality Citrus Squeezer | Lime Lemon Squeezer Press Juicer | Heavy Duty Orange Juice Press Includes 10 Free Recipes

Premium Stainless Steel Citrus Squeezer
Health Benefits
Everyone can use more citrus fruit in their diet. Oranges, Limes and Lemons offer many tasty health benefits, and it’s that much easier with the Fresh Menu Kitchen heavy duty lemon squeezer press
Simple and Easy to Use
Our juicer is so simple to use, with an ergonomic design that will fit your hands and will squeeze citrus fruit easily, getting you the most juice with every press. Having the extra large pressing bowl is great to juice a nice tasty orange when you’re craving that refreshing glass of OJ in the morning!
Get Every Last Drop of Juice
Because this lime squeezer is so durable, it’s easier than ever to get every last drop of citrus juice out of your fruit
Free Recipes
Get TEN free recipes with your purchase that will use freshly squeezed citrus juice to create delicious and healthy dishes. Cook like a pro! Create healthy dishes using lemon, lime, and orange juice easily with the high quality stainless steel hand held citrus squeezer from Fresh Menu Kitchen.


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