Brand : Euro Prep

EuroPrep Stainless Steel PowerSqueeze Electric Citrus Press Juicer

PowerSqueeze Electric Citrus Press, IT’S SERIOUS JUICING MADE SIMPLE!
Thanks to the powerful direct drive motor that drives the exclusive X-Tract+ Juicing System, your PowerSqueeze juicer will extract the absolute most juice possible from any citrus fruit. Plus, it also features PerfectPour Direct spout, so you can “juice” right into a glass or container without wasting time, energy or vital “fresh squeezed” nutrients. For more juice with less work, put the power of PowerSqueeze to work for you!

Why EuroPrep?
One of the few arts Europeans admire as much as design, is the art involved in preparing and presenting a gourmet meal. EuroPrep was founded by-and for those select few who appreciate and admire both.
That’s why special care was taken to ensure no element of any of its seamless design would be at the expense of any of its phenomenal functionality. Whether you admire it for its food prepossessing mastery or for the masterpiece of design it so clearly represents your EuroPrep juicer is one of its kind… in more then one.

X-tract+ Citrus-Press Juicing System
Juices with the ease & precision of a hand-press and the power of our ultra-quiet, direct drive motor

SmartFlow filter system
is easy to clean and virtually eliminates pits & pulp so you get to enjoy the juice & nothing but the juice!

Optimized design delivers the most juice possible from the smallest lime to the largest orange or grapefruit

Direct spout minimizes clogging & makes it easy to “juice” directly into your favorite glass or bottle


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