Price : $79.99
Brand : Elechomes

Elechomes Blender, Professional Blender for Shakes and Smoothies, High-Speed Smoothie Mixer with 64 Oz Glass BPA-Free Pitcher, 1000W Countertop Kitchen Food Processor Maker for Ice, Frozen Fruit, Soup

You need a powerful blender to get the job done and grind through anything you throw its way. Thankfully, the Elechomes Countertop Blender is exactly what you need! Designed with 6 unstoppable stainless steel serrated blades, it can handle frozen fruits, vegetables, ice, seeds, nuts and more with ease! When you’re ready to blend, just use the speed control knob and 3 pre-programmed settings to make smoothies, blended ice drinks, protein shakes, etc. If you’re making a batch for the whole family or a recipe for lots of guests, the 64oz capacity will surely be enough. As powerful as this blender is, it also has the appropriate safety features to make sure you stay safe in the kitchen. Secure lid latch prevents spills and leakage, suction cups keep the base stable when using at high power, and the safety lock design won’t let you blend until the glass jar is positioned correctly over the blades. It will also shut down automatically if the motor gets too hot or if you’ve added too many ingredients. If you’re ready to blend up a storm and make good meals for yourself and your family using a safe, powerful blender, then you’ll love the Elechomes Countertop Blender. The possibilities are as numerous as they are delicious!


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