Brand : Cuisinart

Cuisinart SBC-1000 Blend-and-Cook Soup Maker, Black

Soup is On!

The hottest blender to hit the market, the Cuisinart Blend and Cook Soup Maker, is causing quite the stir! This unique blender has a worldwide patent on the cooking technology that actually allows consumers to cook on low, medium, and high which correspond to sauté, simmer and full boil. Then just use the stir function as if you were stirring a pot with a spoon to mix ingredients while cooking. Now, only this blender can cook a batch of soup, sauce and even desserts plus blend a smoothie, crush ice and make vinaigrette.

Soup Blender

The Blender that Cooks
Cook homemade soups from start to finish or blend up your favorite smoothie in this innovative – and versatile – blender. Nonstick cooking plate lets you sauté ingredients, simmer and even boil soups, then blend to the perfect consistency with the touch of a button. Making warm and healthy homemade soups has never been so easy.

And it’s not just for soup!
The 900 watt motor easily performs a variety of tasks such as crushing ice, grinding and chopping nuts, crumbling bread and cookies, grating fresh citrus zest, grinding spices and hard cheese, and whipping cream. It’s also the perfect tool for making baby food at home.

Delicious Soup!

The Details

Thermal shock-resistant: Blender jar holds up to 48 oz. of hot liquids and 56 oz. of cold liquids

900 watts of power

Digital Controls: Push-button digital control for temperature and timer
Easy-to-read LED 30-minute countdown timer
Low, Medium and High heat settings

Precision Blending: 4 blending speeds, Pulse and Stir functions

Cooks and Keeps Warm: Internal heater to ensure your soup is kept at optimum temperature
Nonstick cooking plate

Limited 3-year warranty

Recipe Booklet: Delicious recipes and meal ideas!

Slip-Proof Feet: Prevents movement during use and prevent damaging marks on countertops or tables.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Brush: Helps clean heating plate and blades thoroughly.

BPA-Free: All parts that come in contact with food are BPA-free.

Parts and Features

measuring cup

Removable Measuring Cup
Allows you to measure up to 3 ounces of ingredients to add through the lid opening.


Thermal Shock-Resistant Glass Blending/Cooking Jar
Has a unique, sturdy, wide-mouth design. With hot and cold maximum fill markings right on the jar.


Leak-Proof Rubber Gasket
Holds the glass jar snugly in position for safe operation.


Press on Lid
Tightfitting seal resists leakage and vents in lid opening allow steam to escape.


Jar Collar with Heating Plate and Blade Assembly
Stainless Steel Blades strong enough for all blending tasks, including tough jobs like crushing ice.

Buttons and Dials

Temperature Control
High, Medium and Low settings. The temperature can be changed at any time during the heating or cooking cycle. The heater can be turned off by pressing the temperature control currently in use.

Countdown Timer Control
Select up to 30 minutes in 1-minute increments. Time counts up or down.

Stir Button
Gently stirs ingredients as they cook. It can be operated at any time during the cooking or blending cycle. It can also be operated in Standby mode when ingredients are being added to the glass jar.

Blending Control
Choose desired speed 1 to 4 or pulse to blend ingredients to the desired consistency. Use speeds 1 through 3 for blending hot ingredients.


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