Brand : Cookinex

Cookinex 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Hand Blender (Ed-327)

Cookinex 3-in-1 Stainless Steel Hand Blender (ED-327)

The Cookinex hand blender takes over the work of an electric mixer, a countertop blender, and a food processor in a single appliance. Home cooks can hook up the chopper bowl and harness the power of the 200-watt motor to blast through onions and tomatoes for a chunky pico de gallo, or mix fruit and ice cream for a decadent smoothie. Affix the wire whisk and watch meringue and whipped cream grow to a frothy finish. Users can also use the hand blender on its own to blend foods such as chunky soups and dips to a silken finish. The stainless-steel assemblies power through a range of ingredients, and each accessory is dishwasher safe, keeping the sink empty and the kitchen safe from cleansing flamethrowers.
•Hand blender: 2.9″x14.6:
•Whisk attachment: 2″x8.25″
•Half-liter chopper cup: 7″x7.25″


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