Brand : Cookinex

Cookinex 2 Speed Electric Juicer

The 400W Electric Juice Extractor by Cookinex delivers refreshing beverages. Great for anytime of the year. When you think of juicers, most minds are prone to wander to summer afternoons enjoying lemonade in the backyard, but you can actually make some cozy autumnal drinks as well. The generous 65mm diameter feeding tube allows you to make spicy fall drinks from whole apples, pears, citrus fruits and more. Just add a touch of champagne for an unforgettable Thanksgiving (but just a touch or you’ll risk a Thanksgiving you won’t remember at all). You can trap up to 1.5L of pulp and seed in the pulp container and produce a whopping 550ml of juice in one session. Two speeds allow you full control of the juicing process. Your juice is produced with every precaution thanks to a stainless steel filter basket, built-in overheat protection, and a safety locking device. Whether you’re making snug spicy drinks in the cooler months or citrus libations in warmer times, this Stainless Steel 400W Electric Juice Extractor is always in season!


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