Brand : Cookeezi

Cookeezi Durable Lemon and Lime Squeezer 18/10 Stainless Steel Citrus Juicer

Your search for the best lemon squeezer is now finally over. When you purchase Cookeezi Stainless Steel Lemon Squeezer Citrus Juicer from us today this is what you can expect. When you take the Citrus juicer out from it’s protective packaging you will straight away notice how stylish it looks.

Chic and modern enough to keep out and store on your kitchen worktop but also small enough to fit in your kitchen drawers. Gone are the days of lugging out your big old juicer that you have to assemble just to juice a bit lemon.

Now you’ve got it open, it’s a great excuse to make yourself a quick drink. Give the juicer a swift rinse, cut your limes in half and just squeeze, see the amount of juice that comes out with almost no effort.

Easy, fast, no mess or splashing, just plenty of juice in 3 easy steps, now go and enjoy your drink!

What separates Cookeezi Lemon Squeezer from the competition?

It’s simple really. We specifically made sure we used 18/10 stainless steel material to make the squeezer. (18) refers to the amount of Chromium and (10) the Nickle content in the stainless steel. Studies have shown this is the perfect blend to give optimal strength, shine and a rust-resistance product.

Unlike plastic lemon squeezers we use non toxic materials so no bad chemicals are passed into your body from long term use.

More important to us than anything though is our top customer service you’ll receive when you place your order today. It’s because of this commitment to great service that we’re able to make a guarantee unlike any other you’ve seen.

We call it our better than money back guarantee and here it is…if for any reason at all it’s not right for you, you have 60 days to let us know and we’ll give you 100% of your money back – no questions asked.

Order now and consider getting two, one for you and your best friend!


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