Price : $7.99
Brand : CitriSqueeze

CitriSqueeze (Gray) – Modern manual citrus hand juicer for fresh, simple and great tasting juice every-time!

CitriSqueeze has been carefully designed to make juicing citrus fruits easy and convenient. It’s a stand alone product, meaning you don’t need any additional tools, such as a knife or cutting board, to extract the juice. You simply insert the flat serrated side into either end of the citrus fruit. Then tighten CitriSqueeze all the way so that the skirt or lip (half-way to the middle of CitriSqueeze) is tightly against the rind of the fruit. Then squeeze the desired amount. CitriSqueeze has been designed to keep the seeds, rind and pulp back, and you don’t have to worry about squirting juice as it is designed to evenly extract the juice. Once inserted, you can keep it in the fruit until the juice has been fully consumed. You don’t have to waste plastic bags in hopes of keeping the other half of the fruit fresh. The CitriSqueeze patented design, holds the fruit fresh for much longer since the insertion is minimal and the entrance of oxygen is also kept to a minimum. Our patented design creates a very tight grip which pinches the rind of the fruit for the perfect flow as it directs the juice out of the spout end.


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