Brand : Chefs StarĀ®

Chef’s Star Lemon Squeezer , Lime Juicer & Citrus Press

Chef’s Star Lemon & Lime Press

The Chef’s Star Citrus Juice Press is a must-have item for your kitchen or bar! This citrus squeezer is designed to extract the juices of lemons and limes while catching pulp and seeds so that nothing but delicious citrus juice makes it to your plate or cup. With a single, effortless squeeze, the Chef’s Star stainless steel premium juice squeezer will extract every last drop of lemon, lime, or orange juice and you can watch the juice strain easily through the perfectly sized holes.

Made from premium stainless steel and finished with a high quality, dishwasher safe finish, the squeezer juice press is also non-stick and cleans super quickly. Get a good grip on the ergonomic, long handles for leverage on even hard-to-press fruit, easily getting every drop out of your favorite citrus fruits.

Finally, you can squeeze fresh fruits in the morning for breakfast, add a touch of tang to bar drinks, and garnish salads with fresh lemon or lime juice without worrying about dropping seeds, suffering from hand cramps, or making a mess!


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