Price : $40.95
Brand : Chef'n

Chef’n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

The FreshForce citrus juicer extracts more juice using less hand strength than regular handheld juicers. Patented gear and linkage mechanism maximizes leverage to squeeze 20% more liquid from lemons, limes, small oranges and tangerines. Convex pressing bowl with concave pressing plate conforms to the shape of halved citrus for smooth operation.

This heavy-duty juicer separates pulp automatically with the built-in strainer. Makes it easy to add citrus flavor to batters, marinades, dressings and desserts. Quickly brings lemon or lime flavor to seafood and adds the refreshing taste of citrus to iced tea and cocktail beverages. Handles lock closed for in-the-drawer storage. Stainless-steel pressing bowl and sturdy nylon handles for long-lasting use. Dishwasher-safe.

Product Features
• Extracts 20% more juice with less hand strength than using conventional juicers
• Patented gear and linkage mechanism maximizes leverage for effortless operation
• Convex pressing bowl with ribbed concave plate fits the halved citrus shape perfectly
• Built-in strainer separates pulp automatically
• Handle locks closed for in-drawer storage
• An innovative leader in the kitchenware industry, Chef’n creates extraordinarily clever, outside-of-the-box kitchen tools


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