Brand : Cconma

Cconma Fruit N’ Veggie Cleanse Juice (180 Ml, 7 Packets in a Box)

Product Description: Our product contains Korean-grown, organic vegetables and fresh fruit full of nutrients that are directly stored in a bottle for a clean and healthy mind and body. 1) It’s healthy! Our organic fruits and vegetables are grown on Korean soil. All of our produce are grown with NO agricultural pesticides and chemical fertilizers. 2) It’s delicious! Our blend of veggies & fruits taste more like fruits! Men and women of all ages will approve of the naturally sweet and clean taste. 3) It’s plentiful! It can substitute as a meal. One packet contains 180ml of abundant nutrients that can serve as a meal replacement. One box contains 7 packets for balanced consumption throughout the week. 4) It’s balanced! We gave careful consideration to the daily recommended intake of fruits and vegetables. WHO (World Health Organization) recommended the daily intake of fruits and vegetables to be 400g. Take 1-2 packs daily to fulfill the daily intake levels that are lacking in your meals. 5) It’s safe! Approved by HACCP and organically processed certified! Made in sanitized production facilities to ensure safe and clean products. 6) It’s honest! Absolutely NO chemical preservatives, colors, or fragrances! – Phytochemical: It is a natural component in plant life that protects itself against chemicals, UV rays, various microorganisms, and harmful insects. Because the phytochemicals in plants are colorful and have a dark pigmentation, vegetables and fruits have different vegetative properties and nutrients based on their color. – Five a Day the Color Way: A campaign that started in America that took notice of the benefits of eating foods in a variety of colors. The main purpose is to eat at least 5 different kinds of colors from fruits and vegetables a day. Example: Red (tomato, apple), Yellow (banana, carrot, lemon), Green (broccoli), White (cabbage, white grapes), Purple (mixed berries)


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