Price : $99.99
Brand : CAYNEL

Caynel Slow Masticating Juicer Cold Press Extractor with 3″ Wide Chute for Fruits, Vegetables and Herbs, Quiet Durable Motor with Reverse Function, Easy Cleaning High Yield Vertical Juicer, Tritan Material Non-toxic, BPA Free


Caynel Masticating Slow Juicer unlike an ordinary juicer,  it offers ample juice and nutrients. The innovative design provides up to 6 times more vitamins and enzymes, and both soft and hard fruits are fully extracted to give you the most nutrients.

Caynel Smart Extraction System uses 65 rpm, but the bottom grinding gear design uses a screw to squeeze the fruit and vegetables by gently rotating, and prevents the splash of fruits and vegetables and it improves the juice yield of fruits and vegetables. The juice cup and the flesh cup are separated and designed to be easier to clean. The pulp is removed through a separate outlet, the juice is delicate and the juicer is easy to move, which can meet different taste requirements.


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