Price : $179.95
Brand : Breville

Breville BJE510XL Bundle Multi-Speed Juice Fountain with DVD

Breville Multi-Speed Juicer

The Thinking Behind The ikon Multi-Speed Juice FountainThis clever juicer can run at 5 speeds, from 6,500 to 12,500 RPM. Use faster speeds for harder fruits, and slower speeds for melons and other soft fruits.Dishwasher-safe.

Smart juicer that adjusts speeds to maximize juice and minimize waste. 5 speeds from 6500 to 12500 RPM for efficient juice output. Easy-to-clean micromesh filter keeps the fibers out and the juice in. Beautiful stainless steel. Components are dishwasher-safe.

The 900 watt, high-grade 5 speed motor features a built-in electronic smart chip that increases power to the cutting disc under heavy loads. As a result, the ¿lter extracts more juice and can make an 8 oz (250 ml) glass in just 5 seconds.

The 3″ (7.6 cm) feed-tube allows for the easy and ef¿cient processing of whole fruits and vegetables, without pre-cutting, slicing or peeling. It is uniquely positioned directly over the center of the cutting disc for better balance and consistent results.

The 5 speed settings make the ikon Juice Fountain the most versatile juice extractor available. The lower speeds are for softer fruits and leafy green vegetables. The higher speeds maximize extraction from dense foods such as apples and carrots.


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