Price : $8.49
Brand : Adoric

Adoric Lemon Squeezer, Premium Lemon Lime Juicer Hand Manual Citrus Juicer Citrus Press Orange Citrus with 1 Multi-functional Juice Press (Yellow and Green)

No Need for Electric Juicer Machines-Just One Manual Juicer 
With this manual lemon squeezer at hand, there is no need for electric juicers which is expensive and bulky. Grab your manual citrus juicer, get a cup of
natural lemon juice fast and easy. Lightweight and portable lime squeezer is easy to carry around in picnics or camping.

No seed or pulp in juice
Manual juicer press extracts juice without impurity. The small holes at the bottom let the juice pour out smoothly and the seeds and pulp left. You do
not have to pick out peel and seeds from your dish or drink. It is also convenient to squeeze some lemon juice directly on the dishes.

No difficulty Juice Press for kids and seniors
The Citrus Juicer is safe for kids without potential danger and suitable for senior without need for force to exert. No more worrying about
hurting, electricity or batteries. The kid will be happy to do some favors in kitchen.

1.Cut the fruit into proper size
2.Place the pulp downward into the socket
3.The middle layer is also available for fruits
4.Squeeze it until the juice comes out
5.Clean and store it for next use

Kindly Note:
1.Keep it away from heat like indirect sunlight, microwave, oven and stove
2.Do not scrub it with something sharp like steel balls
3.Rinse it off after using in case of corrosion
4.Place the pulp downward in case of splashing
5.Cut the large fruit into small size before squeezing

Material: aluminum alloy
Weight: 13.2OZ
Color: green and yellow
Size: 8.6×2.9×2 inch
Package included: a manual juicer and a stainless steel peeler


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